She likes me and her bf!?

This girl(19) has had a boyfriend for 3.5 years. She recently developed a crush on me... and we did non-sexual intimate stuff(to put it lightly) and well now she's torn between me and her boyfriend

She assured me she DOES genuinely like me. Infact she's told me multiple times if she werent dating her boyfriend she would be "all over me". She said she's attracted to me cause I have traits that she wishes her boyfriend has.

She said she doesn't wanna throw away her 3.5 year relationship incase me and her won't work out(reasonable) plus she's still holding onto hope that maybe her boyfriend will change(He's so passive that SHE picks the dates!)

Anyway what do I do? Me and this girl have SUCH great chemistry to the point she can finish my sentences, she even says she's told me stuff not even her bf/parents/childhood friends know.

  • GTFO the friendship
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  • Keep being her friend
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  • Give her an ultimatum, you or the bf.
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  • Cut off contact and move on
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To those of you wondering "Wont she cheat on you?" well she's been TRYING for years to get her boyfriend to change, and it's her first time ever in 3.5 years of developing feelings for another guy.. so yeah. also she's extremely open and honest and tells her boyfriend EVERYthing, including that me and her did stuff :P


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  • I'd say just be friends and try not to do much with her until she reaches a decision. She can't have both you and her boyfriend in that way, she should do her best to reach a decision on who she really wants. Not trying to sound mean or anything, but it wouldn't be fair to you if she does things with you but isn't with you and may or may not even choose you over her boyfriend, you know?


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  • gtfo. If she does leave her boyfriend for you, how long until she gets bored and finds another?