I've been dating with a guy and he said we were not right for each other. but I want him

I've been dating with a guy for a month (actually I met him two month ago but he was out of town for one and a half month). It was pretty early tho, I slightly brought up our relationship whether we could be go far or not two weeks ago.

He said he didn't think that we were right for each other But wanted to hang out and have fun with me because the sex was so great. (he said our sex was the best he ever had and I totally agree)

I like him, he likes me and our sex is perfect but he said he just didn't think we could go very far other than sex and we weren't right for each other (because of communication, interest, long distance love - this is one of the reasons why he doesn't want to be in a relationship now. he must go to another state next summer. I don't know my future yet but I might go to same state for work).

Since I was busy with school and work, I couldn't spend time with him a lot. We never had an official date, just had sex at night and then go to school. I didn't even know what he liked and he didn't know that I was a huge fan of baseball. Now I am not busy anymore, I am trying to spend time with him. Do you think if I keep dating with him, his mind can be changed?


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  • Sweetie, you aren't dating him. You're nailing him. That's it. He basically flat out told you he doesn't want to date you but would be willing to be friends with benefits or mere f*** buddies. If you're cool with either of those arrangements, then go for it. But if you wan an actual dating relationship but are considering taking a lesser one because that's all he's offering right now, then don't. Seriously, don't. You'll end up feeling used because you tried so hard to please him and all he wanted you for was sex. He'll end up thinking you're psycho because he told you up front all he wanted was sex, you agreed, then acted like you'd been victimized by him. You should only eer consider FWB or FB relationships with guys enjoy being around but that you DON'T want to date.

  • Darling, ofc he can't take a girl seriously who gives in to sex so easily. In the long run if you was in a relationship with him, any gug can come and eaasily seduce you away, because you seem very close minded. You will open your legs like easy bread. Every guy will say that that was their best sex to every girl to get more. He got what he wanted and now is goodbye.