Why do guys act like this?

Why would a guy who likes you pretend that he doesn't know who it is when you text them? It's like they lost your number.. But say your name when they text you back?


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  • Well I'd guess that he's either not that interested, and trying to blow you off, or he's trying to be playfully dickish. Though I have a question. Do a lot of guys do this to you, or is it just this ONE guy and you want to know why HE does it?

    • Just this one guy.. He snapped at me so I backed away. I just want to be friends. I think he left flowers on my desk but I don't knwow

    • Ah, OK. This paints a more complete picture, now that I have more information. (You should probably consider doing that for future questions, as we're not psychic.)

    • OK, so maybe when you backed off, this was his response. Like you backed off, and now he's like "who is this person?" or something, because he's angry or hurt by your distance. Though, if so, I'm not saying he's right in doing so. I'm only speculating. I am not sure if the flowers were before or after he pretended not to know you, or when it happened at all, but if that was his most recent action, then I think you can take that as an apology.

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