Why do guys on dating site get all mad when they didn't get any reply from the girls?

I join a dating site and I have been facing some angry guys.I mean girls received hundred messages per day and of course we only respond to the one who we are interested in.I wrote on my profile saying I am Latina and one dude who was sending me many messages before came then said "you don't look Latina hahahahahahahaha! I was like wtf? He obviously sounds mad because he didn't get my response before.This is only one example.I have a lot of more angry guys who been sending me frustrated messages.


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  • Because some guys are stupid like that, and don't realize that most girls (especially the pretty ones) get flooded with tons of retarded PMs per day. Especially a bunch of guys with one word PMs like "hey" and nothing in their profile, and yet still have the entitlement to expect a reply, like you're not busy enough, that you need to respond to every horny retard who sends you a oneliner.

    In short, most of these guys are ignorant, entitled, retarded, irrational and/or control freaks. They're not all of us, and thank god for that. Fortunately, there's almost always a block feature on these sites. If you're not interested, you can probably block them to save time and frustration.

    • Thanks for understanding.You are right about the "hey" thing.They sent me message like that and expect me to reply in a second.Sometimes Its not like I don't want to reply,the way they approach me is kind of irritating and pushy.I am glad some guys like you don't do that on dating site.

    • Nope. I put in my own profile informing people that I will only message once, and if I don't get a reply, I consider it a hint.

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  • Guess what? You read his message didn't you? Out of the hundreds of messages, that one caught your attention. It's true, for guys on dating sites getting a reply one out of 10 times is considered good for us. So sometimes guys do drastic things to get you girls attention.

    • Yes he did get my attention but I didn't reply because I know he wants me to reply.

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  • they're being irrational. if they thought about it,they'd understand why it happens,but it's easier to just blame you.