Have you used a Dating site?

1) Have you ever used a dating site? Which one?

2) Did you have any success finding someone?

3) What was your strategy when using the site?

4) How long did it take you to match with someone interesting?

5) Based on your experience which site would you recommend?

6) In your opinion, is it easier to find someone the old fashion way? or through the internet?


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  • 1. Yes, OkCupid and Plenty of Fish

    2. I went on about 20 first dates from OKC. I had met someone on POF and we dated for about 3 months but I just recently broke up with him. So I would say that I haven't had much success yet.

    3. I didn't really have a strategy, I messaged guys and also responded to ones that messaged me.

    4. Like I said before, I had several first dates so finding somebody interesting wasn't hard. But once you meet in person you realize you don't actually have any chemistry.

    5. I liked both OKC and POF, they both have their pro's and con's.

    6. Honestly it's hard to meet someone both through the internet and the old fashion way. The old fashion way is hard because people are afraid of rejection. It's also hard through the internet because people portray themselves differently online and also you won't know if you have any chemistry till you meet in person. All you can do is just keep trying, both ways, and eventually you will meet someone.


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  • I used nerdpassion, and it scared the F out of me. Seriously, I got two responses, and I was stupid and used my "commonly" used online name, thus they were able to find me EVERYWHERE. And I got messages from them to answer them to my YouTube account, my twitter, Facebook, every and all that had my online name (and from some sites that I hadn't used in ages, and I was stupid and they displayed my full name) they were able to find other sites that I was registered to use. And they would send messages to those websites as well. Seriously, scared the sh*t out of me. If they ahd limited their messages to nerdpassion and maybe one other that they would send messages to, I would have been fine with that, but bombarding me in any and all websites I migth still be in scared me too much to actually respond to them in any way. After a few days both of them stopped. So as an advise, don't use that method to try and get some ones attention in dating sites.

  • well in short , I used a dating site I was just curious it was the first time and I found it by accident so I said why not it's for fun but then I met this guy we talked , we ended having feelings for each other him telling me I love you and so did I ... anyway it lasted for 7 months and it's been a month now since I broke up with him .. we couldn't meet face to face because of many reasons .. we live in different countries , we speak different languages (but I can speak his ) ..it's hard I'm telling you but if the two people want it enough it will work ! I was ready to do anything to make it work with him but I guess he gave up easily whcih made it even harder .. or I don't know .. by the way the site is "twoo" , hope I answered all your questions :D

    • i didn't use a strategy , he started a conversation in a flirty way and things went from there ..

  • 1) Ya, OkCupid

    2) Not yet, I was seeing someone for a few weeks from there, but didn't really work out

    3) didn't really have one, exept blocking users who ask for sex right away

    4) I get the first messages a few minutes after signing up, but I didn't really talk to someone interesting until a few weeks into it

    5) only used the one, it's free and good, but I'd guess paid site will be better

    6) It's easier through the internet. Idk, in real life I find a lot of guys looking at me, but rarley anyone asks me out, for whatever reason. I suppose part of what makes it easier is knowing that both people are looking for someone


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  • 1. I have profiles on pof.com, okcupid.com, and match.com(subscribed).

    2. I have had mixed experiences on all of them. A buncha first dates mostly but have gotten commitment off them too.

    3. Meet ASAP. If they can't meet ASAP drop them. A lot of girls treat the site like a Facebook page where they can fish for comments and be called pretty and all that junk yet never meet anyone.

    4. Hard to say bouncing from girl to girl.

    5. Have profiles wherever you can and send out a few messages every so often. It never hurts to have a profile.

    6. It depends on your living situation. If you know people and can get out of the house to meet people I definitely think it is good. But online dating can help for people who moved and are new to an area.

  • none, I use now meetme which is my last one. dating sites are pice of sh*ts if you don't know what you looking for.

  • I signed up for match but only for the quizzes :P