Is it getting more common to go dutch on dates nowadays?

Do you prefer to go dutch or have the guy pay for the date?


Personally I prefer to go dutch, especially on the first or second dates. I don't want guys to think I'm using them. I also want to show them that I'm independent and that I will never rip off a guy. Although at some point I don't mind if he offers to pay. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

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  • My girlfriend and I went dutch from the very first date. Her reasoning was pretty similar to yours. She wanted dates to be something we could both enjoy together rather than something that she needed to repay to me. Also she knew that many guys resent paying even if they show no sign of resentment, and she wanted to show that she was independent.

    • I support going dutch. It's just a basic equality issue.

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What Guys Said 2

  • paying for your self is called going dutch? weird.

    I don't know if it's common but if I started dating that's how I would want to pay for things.

  • Yes, and it should get more common. It's bullsh*t the sexism against men expected to pay for dates continues... if someone offers, fine, but don't expect the other to pay for you, especially for the first date where all things are uncertain.

    Note: the "you" here is general and not specific towards any one person. English needs another form of "you" that's general >.>


What Girls Said 1

  • I prefer to have the guy pay for the date. I like to see if he's even willing to do that, that shows a little bit on how serious he is about me. You have guys who only agree to go out with girls just to see how much they can get with as little effort they can put in. Some guys will just come over to your house watch a movie and try to finger you on the couch on the first date if you let him. I require a little more effort than that lol. So I think if you are really interested in dating me and not just "seeing what you can get out of me" then it's not too much to expect for him to pay for dinner. No, I am not using a man for a f***ing $20 meal at Applebee's lmao it's just the thought that counts.

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