Signs a guy likes you over chat?

Hey guys :) I have been texting and chatting with this guy for about 2 weeks now. I want to know how do you text a girl you like? Do you call her pet names ? do you text first ?


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  • Well petnames aren't really a sign he likes you, because for example, my brothers, uses petnames for everybody in chat. Though it depends on the pet name he uses, like if your name's Caithlyn and he uses. Caith or Cat, then I wouldn't call it a sign, but if he calls you weetie, or cutie it could be.

    If he texts you first that's a definite sign, and a couple others are, long talks and/or intimate talks (shoutout to the talks that happen like late at night/early in the mornings), obssesive teasing, like if he says "You should feel damn special, 'cause I'm choosing sleep over you", or things like that/

    • Well he calls me princess and cutie lol ...He also said that he is sleepy but he chose to stay and chat with me because "I am more important than sleep" those are his words :D Thanks for answering <3