Guys: Do you like it when a girl pursues you?

I'm seeing an ex again. We dated several years ago and I pursued him then, but we never became serious after six months of seeing each other.

We've recently reconnected and chalked up the past to it not being "our time." I've seen him twice in the past two weeks and it's been expressly awesome for both of us and communication between dates has been balanced on both sides.

After this last visit, I was not going to contact him until he contacted me . . . to give him a chance to decide if he wants to keep pursuing this. But now I'm starting to feel like I really want to know where we stand and I'm scared that if he doesn't call me, then I'll always be wondering if he thought I wasn't impressed by the last visit or something.

My question is, is there a good way to pursue a guy or is it too overwhelming for you boys to have a girl pining after you?

Also, if I do go guns blazing after him, is he likely to just respond because he's being polite?

What's your take on having a girl pursue you. . . does it depend on the girl, the way she does it, the timing?

and if she pursues you and you're not into her . . . how do you react?


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  • Definitely. Frankly, I've grown tired of doing all the early dating work. It takes a lot out of a guy, working up the courage to ask a girl out, only to get rejected and have to pick ourselves back up and do it all over again. You go through that process enough times in a row, and you'll begin to wish there were more women who go after the guys they want.


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  • I think the chase is key. Without it I don't think a girl would really care about me or have true feelings for me.

  • depends on the girl, I have to be attracted to her back obviously, and when a girl does that, I love it!

    • He is definitely attracted to me on many levels . . . I'd say every level. We're kind of explosively attracted to each other.

    • yeah, well I know that me being a guy, I have no choice but to accept and deal with this

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  • I'm a girl, but I stopped chasing guys because I found the more I chased them, the more bored they got. I think it's true that men like the chase. A lot of guys are naturally competitive anyway.

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