I don't understand him and what do I do now?

I met my ex in dating site. both of us from different county . We broke up last week. He came to meet me on March for the first time and spent like only two days together which was really nice . We continue long distant relationship . he saved a bit money and traveled to meet me again last month for a week which was confusing for me . we fought everyday . He was super short temper and tried to leave me many time whenever we have misunderstandings but I always begged him to stop and did my best to make him happy as he came all the way to meet me . After a week he went back home he was really angry Because he didn't feel I love and care for him enough. He wanted to break up Because my reply to his text message was too short . ( he said he went to hospital for upset stomach) He said he loves me a lot and will never find anyone who loves like he does ..aha ! .. I'm thinking if I should text him asking if he feels better now or should I do no contact at all ?


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  • To me, he seems incapable of sustaining a long term relationship, not to mention a long distance relationship. The details in which he felt the need to leave or break up with you is indicative of his immaturity and selfishness. Based on his temperament alone, it appears that he has adopted the proverbial "it's my way or the highway," attitude, which is simply not the formula for longevity in relationship.

    With that being said, I suggest that you reevaluate the relationship. In doing so, you will come to realize that you can do much, much better than this guy.


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