Ladies is this a silly/bad reason to not consider girls below a certain age?

okay sooo...

I'm 23 years old, and just started school last spring. THe first 5 years after high school I just got a job and pretty much wasted the 5 years doing nothing but hanging with friends. Still live with parents.

Now, the reason I don't want to date a girl that's younger than like 20, is because of all this. I understand this is a bad situation I'm in, and I feel like if I dated a younger girl I'd be taking advantage of her nieveness/taking advantage of the fact that I'm older and that she may like to date older. Someone my age would be more likely to take all that into perspective.

I feel like if a girl my age accepted my situation, that'd be one thing. I'd feel like I'm a lucky guy. If a younger girl did it, I'd feel like I'm taking advantage of her age

I don't think I'm crazy


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  • I think it's maturity.

    You and a girl younger than 20 are on different levels. Now there are a few exceptions, like if she was some female version of Doogie Howser but 95% of the time a girl that age is just not ready to be dating a more stable guy. I don't think you could take her as seriously as you could a girl closer to your own age or level in life.

    And by LEVEL, in this case I mean milestones and achievements and mentality. Usually age has a lot to do with that so I understand your reasoning.


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  • Well as a 19 year old girl I wouldn't consider dating someone the same age or younger than myself. The biggest gap I've experienced liking someone was 10 years, he was way more freaked out about it than I was. At first he couldn't even get over the fact I was talking to him when there was loads of guys closer to my age ( don't think he fully realized how handsome he was) added me on Facebook the night after we met and sent me a message saying "whoa you are actually beautiful" asked me for coffee then backed off and cancelled. Anyway I am 5"11 in heels about 6"2, growing up I was a lot taller than the guys in my year and experienced hate from them my whole school life I think. Wouldn't even think to date someone my age and I'm putting it down to that.


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  • Depends really, some younger girls I know are more mature than girls my own age... Although it seems that younger people are becoming more stupid each day. I'd do it if it's what you want, I'm also 23... I'd probably date as low as 18 although I'd prefer the gap not to be that big.

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