I don't know if I should go on this online date, thoughts?

I'm in my early 20's just graduated college, never kissed and I've only been on dates from online. I've been on about five dates and they were all first dates with a few guys last year and each date took me like a month to recover from because they were so bad and I'm a sensitive person. I'm outgoing and fun and I like to talk but I asked these guys questions and the conversation really flowed. However, they had NO interest in dating me after they met me. I think some of the guys weren't interested in my physically and some not personality wise or both. I don't know what my issue is I've talked to a few on the phone before we met up and sent them pictures too. Obviously I sent them good pictures but if it didn't look like me they couldn't spot in a public place where we agreed to meet up.

Sigh I went on a date about a month or so ago and the guy turned out to be even hotter than I expected. He was also becoming a plastic surgeon. We talked for over 2 hours over coffee but then I knew he wasn't interested as he asked me "when are you going to meet your friends" (while looking at his watch) he did this 2 or 3 times. "the weather is nice I want to go for a run soon", "its pointless meeting up with old friends that after a two hour coffee we find we have nothing in common"

Then after the date he never texted me I texted him and he gave me general responses to which my girlfriend told me he didn't seem like he wanted to talk. So I wished him the best of luck in his life and he did the same.

Before I closed my online account which was over a month ago, I've been talking to two guys. One has just disappeared lately but this other guy keeps showing interest. He''s 7 years older than me and he is short almost my height. He's cute though but I've definitely lowered my standards. He doesn't really have a good job I really like super ambitious guys, but he seems funny and nice SO FAR.

I keep delaying the date because I'm applying to jobs/interviews and I'm busy with that and friends/fam.

Should I go out with him and get it over with? Or based on my past experiences tell him that I just want to be friends as guys have rejected me painfully and if even this guy rejects me its going to be a HUGE blow to my ego.

Just to give up a snapshot I stopped going to the gym for 3 weeks after my last date with hot but mean guy. And I used to workout 5-6 a days week prior to my date.


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  • What if this guy could really like you, you will not know till you give him the chance. Guys are easy, only you have the power to make them like you or not!

    • Yeah that's true, but how can I make him like me lol I have super low standards now for guys. I'm evening going out with this guy that I don't even like from college he's way older too just because I'm that desperate for experience.

    • You just stated your problem. Don't do it because you want the experience. You will regret it when you become wiser. Become spiritual, and try to connect more on a soul level, just be calm about it. Don't be aggressive, be laid back and when you meet the guy that has qualities you like, let be known. Don't be like every other dumb girl who swears just looking at guy will tell him you like him. Boys get rejected a lot, everything is set up against us. 95% of men want you to approach. It shows

    • equality. If men are always told they have to approach, and every girl is told they have to reject. Then men are going to be fed up with the bullsh*t and stop approaching. I know because that is what happened to me, I got fed up with the rejection so I do not approach!

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