Guy I work with said he is interested in me...What's his deal? Did he lose interest?

Guy I work with said he is interested in me and wants to know me better before he broke up with his girlfriend. We went on a couple lunches together during work. We talked a lot, talked about everything. Whenever he was at the office, he would spend over half hour siting and talking to me. We teased each other and flirted. Now he broke up with her before I went on a 2 week vacation but he didn't tell me. He even texted me when I landed yo ask how my vacation was going (something he never did before). But that same night he was talking about me wearing a bikini and all, which is the teasing we talked about for a little while. I asked if that was all he thought about and he said he wast one minded buy he was text ad shop, and we had plenty of things to talk about and we would. He step back a little so I sent him a quick email and asked if I offended him somehow. He sent an email back and said he didn't know I wanted a serious relationship and since he just came out of a 2 year rocky one he wasn't ready to date yet, and a coworker. I had asked him a few months before and he said he didn't mind dating a coworker. I only send a response as to what I was looking for and told him what I respected and that I understood his situation and that I hope he finds what he needs and is looking for one day. He sent me an email back and said he misunderstood my intentions and that we should keep our friendship as coworkers and see how that works out in the time being and that he did feel strong about not dating a coworker “but you never know” he said. I didn't text, email or call him. Only emailed about work to give him his space. About 2 weeks later he texts me and starts small talk again an we talk or a few hours. He said we should hang out outside work and that we should set up a date. I said it was his call. He chose a date, but I knew it was just a get together between friends which is OK by me since I don't like to jump into a serious relationship right away. I would rather hang out as friends first, and see how that turns out. 4 days before the date we set, he sends me a text message and cancels it. He said he had time to think and he's not ready to date yet. He knows it wasn't a date but he didn't want to give me the wrong impression either. He said I was great and he appreciated me being patient with him and being understanding. I saw him a couple days later and I acted the same, laughed at his joke, smiled, was nice and polite but I tried not to talk too much or be too wishy washy. But he left without saying goodbye as he usually does. Now, I don't understand what happened since I gave him space and didn't ask him to hang out. He came up with the idea and started talking again. Thanks guys!


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  • no at this point he put you on hold so if he wants something with you he will come to you he has your contact information...