Does she have a interest in me? Can't get a read on her...

So I met this girl about 2 weeks... Through a friend.

And we all ended up going to a party...

Me and her were taking tequila shots and were just talking. But it got to a point where I do not remember everything I said to her.

Anyways. About a week after that I get her on Facebook and I message her... the convo was mostly a typical boring 'Hi how are you'. Then I gave her my number and she texted me almost instantly.

Then we've been texting since then. Day and Night.

This Saturday she texted me saying she was drinking with spme family members... and the next day early in the morning she sends me a photo of where she is staying (shes out of town now).

We have good convos.. but every time I flirt, Its almost like she doesn't take it well. And acts different for a short second... then goes back to asking me about myself and my day and my dreams...

She is very sweet.. and cool. But I can't tell if she likes me or is interested in me at all.

She basically texts me back when she wakes up in the morning. If she fell asleep on me or a text I left.

Im not scared of rejection that much. But I do want to avoid it.

I usually always get rejected. So its not a big deal.

My question is... Should I just wait till she gets back and then ask her on a date right away? Or wait...

And does she have a interest in me?


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  • sounds interested

    • I know I've asked this already.. but would it make a difference if she just got out of a relatiobship?

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  • I'd say she is interested. It is good she asks you about your day and your interests! Mayb she doesn't know how to flirt back.
    Ask her out and find out more about her.

  • an interest*****

  • She's definitely into you! She's probably just shy and doesn't quite know how to react to your flirting. You should definitely ask her on a date when she gets back!

    • Would it make a difference that she just got out of a relationship like a month ago?

  • Do you meet sometimes, or only text?

    • Its only text for now.

    • So how can you know she acts different? You have to meet, it doesn't make any sense to only text if you're interested in her for real!

  • She sounds interested

    • Would it make a difference if she just got out of a relationship?

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  • Be less available. If you're constantly texting or talking, you're giving her too much attention. Trust me. I've ruined my chances with a few lookers now because I was overly enthusiastic. At some point, women will start asking themselves why you are so available. What goes through their mind is anyone's guess. But my guess is they start to feel like they're nothing special. If you act less available and give her attention once in awhile, she'll feel more special for it. And you will appear to have other things going on, not just her.

    No way to tell if she's actually interested in you or if she's just shy when it comes to romance. She might just like your attention and not be interested at all. Or she might be holding back to see how you'll react. You either have to be assertive, or become less available. Either way, you'll get your answer.