Meet a guy "online"...sort of I guess

Well through a dating app, he said that him and I should party and hang out sometime becasue we are going to the same school. I said I'm away until sept but I would let him know.

Asked for his fb (since I didny know him in person and wanted to know if he was legit) than 2 days later gave him my new number.

Was I to bold?

Maybe I should have shoved my hands down his pants? :p


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  • No not really too bold. You both are already at bold stage and making bold moves - meeting on an app and ready to hang out, so no I do not think giving your number out is that bold in your case :)

    • Thanks for your answer! The 2nd thing he said to me was saying he was at this concert and if I was there. I'm just new to the dating scene and having an "insecure moment" haha

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    • Yeah that's why I added him to fb was to see if he was legit! About a year ago a guy messaged me who said he lived in my hometown and started talking to me and wanted to meet but it turns out he was on a predator website!

    • Wow! Yeah whether online of offline the creeps are out there. Some women are naive which can lead to compromising situations so I am glad you checked him out and feel comfortable enough to meet him. Have fun! Again I hope it all works out the way you want it to :)

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  • I'm wondering the same thing,

    • If I met him in person that maybe? but since I've never met him in person I would say no. People f*** after meeting for the first time, so how could adding someone to fb be to much

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