Should I text him or just forget about him?

One weekend (like 10 days ago) a guy asked me out for dinner. Like an hour later, I had to cancel it because there were some problems at home. But the next day, I had a party, so I told him to come over and he told me he would, but he didn't. When I asked him why, he told me that he thought I didn't mean it (like, I was just inviting him for education)

So, the last week, we have been trying to meet at school, but something happens at the last minute, stuff that we can't control. So.. last Thursday I texted him if he wanted to hang out on Saturday (last Saturday), he told me that he might throw a party that day, but he was unsure, besides, he didn't knew if he was going to invite girls or not. I told him (fooling around) that he better don't cancel plans, and he even "pinky-promised".

I haven't heard about him since that day.

I can over think a lot of stuff, but I don't know if he's embarrased because he "didn't make what he promised" or what.

Should I text him? What should I text him?


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  • I'm wondering the same thing

  • Just let him be. No need to text him. I think you have done about everything in your power to set up a meeting. The only thing you could have done better is made him a counter offer for a better dinner time, instead of inviting him to a party. He sounds kinda sketchy anyway.


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