Is he just busy or is he losing interest? Can't stop over thinking!

This guy and I have been talking since the beginning of June (we met because of my friend). We clearly have a connection and he told me that when we met. He also said that he doesn't usually like girls he meets. Anyways, he's really one of the best guys I've ever met and I really like him. Since June, we have been texting almost everyday (sometimes I text him first, sometimes he texts me first) and have even video chatted a few times. We always say how we wish we were with each other and I don't know he's so great cause I feel like he truly cares. I feel so comfortable talking to him and he accepts my weird quirks. We talk about a lot of things and I can't even explain how happy he makes me. While we haven't actually said that we have feeling for each other, it's pretty obvious that we do based on our conversations. He calls me babe sometimes and tells me I'm beautiful. There's more to it than that but anyways, the past two weeks have been a little different. We haven't talked as much as usual. For the past 5 days, he didn't text me and I didn't text him. He's coming here tomorrow to start college which he told me he is stressed about and is sad to be leaving. I texted him yesterday and our conversation wasn't that exciting, just a hey, how are you..blah blah blah. He didn't ask me how I was or anything. And they were pretty much just one word answers. I know he's probably just busy hanging out with friends and family before he leave which makes total sense. I just don't like it because previous times when the guy didn't text as much, it just kinda ended. But that was in high school. I feel completely different about this guy. I just hope he isn't losing interest because I genuinely care. Am I just over thinking? What can I do about this? Thanks!


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  • Im wondering the same thing...

  • I think that you're over thinking things. It appears to me that he have feelings for you. I wouldn't open up to a girl like that if I didn't like her.

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