Was he testing me or did his friend lie to me?

I've called my boyfriend (of one year; we both are in our late 20s) but someone else answered his phone saying my boyfriend sold his phone to him, he left his hometown permanently because his parents forced my boyfriend to marry someone and he won't be returning back. We discussed this last year and he did tell his parents he's not ready yet last year because he wasn't ready.

Since last month, my boyfriend

Has replied to my text and/or whatsapp messages 3 days ago,

Spoke to me over the phone last month,

Send me his recent pictures last month,

Put up one of the pictures I've sent him on whatsapp as his profile picture on whatsapp week before last week, and

Recently updated his whatsapp profile picture with his face on it last week.

If my boyfriend seriously had sold his phone and left the country, he would've told me and the guy who answered it could've replied to my texts and whatsapp messages saying this phone doesn't belong to my boyfriend anymore. Basically my boyfriend was in touch all this long.

I'm not sure if my boyfriend was teasing me or if his friend lied or was that a practical joke. What do you think?

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  • Have you tried telling him what happened and asking if he know what it's about.

    • Yeah, I've had emailed him, messaged him on Facebook and twitter yesterday and no reply yet.

    • Well hopefully he get back to you soon. Clear things up.

    • I hope so too. Thank you

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