Should I continue to date him?

I recently met this guy online. We went to 3 dates and I always offer to pay my share. He accepted. I don't mind to pay my share but it bothers me. What are your thoughts?


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  • when you mean "pay your share", I'm assuming you mean that by paying for yourself on a date... You kinda contradict yourself too, you say "I don't mind to pay my share" and then you finish the sentence with "but it bothers me"...

    Which one is it?

    • she said she "always OFFERS to pay her share." What she is trying to say is she doesn't want to come across as a golddigger that expects him to pay so she offers - pretty standard for the intellegent woman. Most guys will pay anyway but it looks good on her behalf to at least try.

      SO what I think she is saying is she wants him to at least attempt to pay a few times

    • well PeaceHere, noticing that "OFFERS" isn't located anywhere in the title or her question, what made you think of that?

    • Oh, I see. Had to read it a second time. My mistake. Wish there was a delete button...

  • He probably figures you're okay with it. Maybe you want a more chivalrous guy.


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