HELP! Is this guy interested in me?


He : This is my personal number, I will start calling you from this number.

Me : Ok.

NEXT DAY: Me : I am missing you. I came to the university, where were you, bad boy? He called me.


He: I liked that you sent me a text so that I could call you. You should send me a text or miscall me, I will call you. For the next 5 days, whenever I texted him(suggesting that I miss him or wanna talk or indication of call, he called me)! But, when I didn't text him to call or miscall him, he didn't... We are NOT dating nor friends. This guy and I have been flirting really hard in real life. He is the admin in my college and I am a student.. I have his number and we talk on texts and calls sometimes... though I am very scared because of professional reasons. Otherwise I would have made babies with him LOL... he makes me hot


Could he be interested? Even if he doesn't call on his own, but has told me to text/miscall him, and then he calls and has offered me lunch twice? Does he like me?


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  • Hes definitly is into you! Lol make him babies f*** the rest


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  • I think he's interested! Kinda weird how he's expecting you to make all the moves though.

    Tell him "Texting you and calling is really nice, but hanging out would be so much better!" And see what he says. If he's interested, he'll take you out on a date.

    • He has offered me lunches two times... both times I refused because I was shy and confused... But I really like him <3

    • Then say you'd like to go out for lunch with him!