Is it acceptable to tell lies on your online dating profile?

I’ve been on dates with three girls I met on dating sites. Two of them had told lies. One had a child (luckily she didn’t bring him along to the date!), even though her profile claimed she had no children. The other was several pounds overweight, despite her profile picture (presumably an old photo) and despite her listing her weight as something other than ‘overweight’.

I’m wondering how widespread the attitude is that it’s OK to lie. I’m really the opposite. For example, I’m closer to 5’11’’ than to 6’, so I list myself as 5’11’’ because I don’t want to disappoint. I’m borderline between ‘average’ and ‘athletic’ in terms of body type (though admittedly that is a more subjective quality), so I list myself as ‘average’. It’s just pointless to make yourself sound better than you actually are. It’s a waste of everyone’s time. Did either of those girls really think that she would be able to date AND KEEP more men by lying? Would any guy think, “Well, I’ve been on one date with her, I might as well stick with her”?


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  • If you tell lies, they shouldn't be big ones and they shouldn't be important ones. Children is a BIG lie. Being not quite 6' isn't. It is not like she is going to whip out a tape measurer and see were you rank in at. Try to be as truthful as possible though, lying about something whether it was a good or bad thing destroys your chances, since most people want honest partners.


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  • I think rounding up to the nearest inch if you're over 5'11.25 is probably fine.

    The average person is a fatass, so you're probably athletic.

    Post decent pics, they won't be disappointed.

  • I mean if you're seeking a partner, why would you lie about anything? I don't think it's a big deal to say you're 6' if you're 5'11" but if you start telling people you're a fireman and you ride on a garbage truck in real life, that's wrong.