Is there any parent here who would not allow kids to date?

Please... People who disagree with this, I am not interested in your comments. So please don't waste your time. What I am asking is, does anyone believe it is immoral for their kids to date until they plan to marry very soon. And in that case also, they are only allowed lo have a non-physical relationship.


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  • I think that any parent who thinks they can actually control what their teenage children do are as naive as the children themselves.

    But to answer your core question, no I don't think it is immoral for someone to date a person they don't plan on marrying. The reason being is that dating IS the process to decide if you want to spend a long relationship with someone. So without that, you're walking into a marriage deal very ignorantly which probably won't end well for either person.

  • Kids are going to do whatever they want to. The more you push them to NOT do something, the more they're going to do it. Can't hold your kids hostage forever either. I very much believe in experiencing life and all of it's learning lessons safely. I got my heart broken at a young age for the first time by a girl and it helped to teach me about what to do and not to do in relationships. I mean women are nutcases at all ages, so knowledge is power.

    • Agreed. But you always need to have rules based on your culture, traditions and religion. Unfortunately, the validity of this question gets thrown out the door as soon as ypu take relevance of religion out. And most people today verybproudly declare that tey do kot believe in religion.

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    • If they never cared about that, then you never broke "their" rules. So no worries. having said that a lot has to do with what you call "religious".

    • Cut to the chase man. What religion are you? Why don't you want your kids dating as a result of it?

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