I think I made a terrible mistake. What do I do to fix it before I lose him?

Ok so I met this guy at Dairy Queen. He's the store manager up there and I go in everyday to get a smoothie and when I do he always starts talking to me. Last week when I went in one day I wrote down my number and gave it to him. He texted me shortly after and we have sat at a park and talked that day then the next we met at a lake and swam till he had to head out of state. Since he has been gone he hasn't called or texted me but a couple of times. I'm thinking something that I replied scared him off. When we were at the lake he got turned on and when we left he texted me saying that he was sorry bout it so I said he had nothing to be sorry about and he replied with we'll make it there when we make it there then I said that I have to go on at least 5 dates with a guy before even considering it. I think that was a bad move so what do I do to fix it because I really like this guy?


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  • Tell him the guy from Burger King only requires 3 dates.

    • See that's my problem. He told me to text him and call him while he's gone and I told him he has my number so he could do the same but he hasn't. I'm scared that if I text or call it might scare him away and make him think that I'm some clingy chick. What do you think? What should I do?

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