'Dating advice' PLEASE (irritated XD)

So.. There's this guy that I've known for nearly 5 years now. After just a couple of months of knowing one another, we began dating. It lasted maybe a month. We were still young, I was crazy and he wasn't ready to commit. We spoke here and there, but contact was minimal. He got into a lot of trouble and then began seeing this girl. That didn't work out either. Then, nearly a year ago, his baby brother passed, and when I inquired on how he was doing, we began seeing each other once again. We would go out on simple dates, which inevitably turned into 'hanging out' at his house.. I've been struggling with depression, as was he, and I ended up staying with him for an entire week. We cuddled together, showered together, slept together, but no sex.. Close, but not quite. Anyways, after a week of basically doing nothing with him (we both lost our jobs), I realized that it was too unproductive and only worsened my depression. So when I left, I texted him later explaining that and he agreed. We hung out a couple more times, I met his mother and good friends and he invited me to go camping/bowling with them, which never happened. I got so used to being with him 24/7, that being away was.. Odd. Then, out of nowhere, he stopped texting and calling me. For 4 days, I didn't hear from him, he ignored my call and text. I was furious. So I texted him and said that I can't do this anymore, I deserve a phone call, blah blah blah, basically, he said nothing changed, I don't want to stop seeing you, come over and I'll make you dinner. So I did. Figured, I'd give it one more shot. Low and behold, we haven't talked since I left. I texted/called once 5 days ago asking to grab my things.

1. What is going on? Should I drop it?

2. I want my things back, but don't want to seem clingy and I'm sure he wouldn't answer my call anyways

3. I have some of his things that I'm considering just leaving at his door- too harsh?

I'm pretty done.. I don't have the patience for games. He says he really cares about me and what not.. So what happened? And what do I do now?


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  • Drop him and find someone better