Was I wrong to do this on my first date?

I went on my first date a few weeks ago. I asked her out. However, during the date she said we had no chemistry and didn't see us going anywhere. She was very rude about it. I looked at her for a few seconds and excused myself from our table.

While she wasn't looking, I paid for MY half of the food, and I snuck out out of the restaurant and left her there broke. I never saw her again after that. Basically, after that experience I won't be asking another woman out anytime soon.

Was I wrong?


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  • About dumping her rude, uncourteous, disrespectful ass? No, you weren't wrong.

    As long as she was a condescending bitch about rejecting you, she had it coming.

    She wouldn't have earned this treatment if she was at least polite and kind about her rejection.

    Are you wrong about not asking women out any time soon? Yes.

    While you are locked away, licking your wounds and whining about women, some other guy is hitting on a great girl who could have been yours had you gotten to her on time.

    Don't give up.

    I can only imagine how tough it must be being a guy and always having to initiate, but giving up won't help you. Unless you are content with loneliness of course.

    • Yeah you're right, just because I met one bad woman doesn't mean they're all bad.

    • Is there really any nice way to tell a guy your not interested?... But true, if she truly was rude about it and you felt that is what you had to do, then good for you. Although I still think you could have been the bigger man about it and not have shown her how affected by it you were by ditching her.

    • Yeah she was rude about it. I don't feel bad for what I did either.

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  • Well, I can understand why she wasn't interested in you romantically. That was a very childish and immature thing to do. It just shows that you have little control over your emotions (huge turn off for a girl) and that your not a gentlemen. If she just wasn't interested, at least she was honest about it instead of leading you on and using you. It's never easy for a girl to tell a guy she isn't interested and it doesn't really matter how she puts it, it will seem rude no matter what. Yes, it was incredibly boyish of you to do so. Girls like a guy who knows how to be a man in any circumstance. If she was me, I would have lost respect for you after such behavior .

    • I frankly don't care

    • Hey, I'm just giving my honest opinion. Not saying every girl feels this way but that is how I would see it.

  • Well if she felt that way, what was the point of going on the date with you in the first place. That should of been a fast evaluation to figure that out. You did good.

    • She probably wanted to give him a chance to see if she could be interested. Why else do people go on dates? To see if they could like each other romantically or not.

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    • From what he said he did in reaction, makes him look emotionally unstable, making me think the girl may not have been as bad as he says. We can't really tell him if he did the right thing or not because truth is we were not there to see what truly happened. Maybe she was really mean, but maybe he just wanted to believe that

    • Are you really saying this is my fault? Women these days, I am not wasting time on a woman who does not like me. Why can't some women get this?

  • She might have been rude or simply playing hard to get.

    Anyway, I think both of you acted a bit childish.

    So, next time have more confidence and don't let "her" bitch about. (Hopefully this scenario wouldn't happen to you again.)

    • It won't happen again, because I don't plan on asking another woman out.

  • The fact that she was honest about how she felt about the date was respectable, but acting rude about it was uncalled for. For your sake, I hope she was very rude...that's the only way to justify what you did, really.

    • She was very arrogant and b****y about it. So I'm not sorry for what I did.

    • If she's a bitch, then I guess it's alright then. She had it coming to her.

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  • I have mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand, it was not classy behavior on her part when she let you know she had zero interest before you were done with dinner. On the other hand, leaving her stranded at the restaurant was not the gentlemanly thing to do. The right thing to do would have been to pay for dinner, take her home and toss her phone number in the trash where it belongs.

    Something else occurred to me... this woman told you how she felt using plain English. Do you know how rare that is? Usually women will sugarcoat the truth, give you one of a million excuses, etc. Some guys go on a bunch of dates (and waste a bunch of money and time) with a woman before they figure out that she's not interested. This woman saved you all that trouble; you knew before the end of date #1 where you stood with her. In a way, she was being considerate; she just didn't go about it the right way. Given your reaction, though, I have my doubts as to whether she'll be so direct with a guy ever again.

    • It isn't my problem anymore, let her waste another guys time.

  • I think that's awesome. You don't need to waste time and money on girls who order their food and say they don't like you like that.

    If she was really looking for a good guy she wouldn't have ruled you out before the dinner was even finished.

    • She probably wanted a bad boy. Who knows and who cares

    • Nooo don't fool yourself, the girls who want bad boys are not the type of girls you want to date or who are worth anyones time. The who,e bad boy theory isn't true by the way. It's all a gimmick guys make up when they think they are a nice guy and get rejected. Girls want a confident gentlemen with compatible and attractive qualities (notice I said quality no looks). You'll learn, just be patient and continue to be hopeful.

    • I'm not wasting my time on women anymore, let them waste another guys time.

  • Would you like it if she did it to you and left you broke?

    Part of being a responsible man is to do what is best or what is right instead of doing what you want.

    I hope karma doesn't mean pull one on you.

    • Would you waste time on a woman who didn't like you?

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    • I have learned from my own experience of life that it's better to forgive and overlook other people's shortcomings, and even do better. It's called mercy. Maybe someone else in the future will reciprocate. There's nothing wrong with being fair and just, but from the men that I've learned from, mercy is always better for yourself and the other

    • I don't believe in mercy and I'm not the forgiving type.

  • I think that was hilarious and she deserved it for being so rude about it.

  • You were wrong in the sense you slipped out. Shouldv'e just paid your half in front of her like a BOSS lol. Honestly man, good for you. Life's to short to waste on people that are jerks like that. Don't let her get you down. Ill be honest, my early 20's just sucked Donkey balls. My luck with girls didn't start getting better till my late 20's. Surprisingly number of guys share my sentiment.

    • I don't plan on ever asking a woman out again after that.

  • Ultimately, you were wrong. But, I was laughing, and cheering you on while reading the story! ha ha.

    No matter what, you should never let others know that they got under your skin. Always keep it classy man. Kill her with kindness so to speak. Instead, you proved her right in that you guys have no chemistry.

    Was she very rude? Absolutely! Though she may never verbalize her true feelings out loud on a date again, she probably still thinks most men are jerks after dinner with you. Guys get a bad rap for many different reason. Sad thing is, most of us are innocent, yet we all get put in the same box.

    She's obviously not the typical woman, but being a little hesitant to rush out on another date is understandable. Like others have said. Don't let this one witch affect your dating life etc. If you do...she's still getting the best of you! Good luck!