Guys: Girl blew 10 guys, can she kiss your kids in the mouth?

If not, why would you date a girl who blew 10 guys? Unless you plan on 1) Only dating her short-term or 2) Will tell her not to kiss your kids in the mouth.


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  • If I knew, I wouldn't have been with her in the first place.


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  • isn't it kind of funny how you whine about women being picky,yet you'll reject a girl for exercising her right to a sex life? and,considering how many women do that,isn't it funny how some of the guys here complain about women being picky,yet these girls blow a dozen guys?

    • I never whined about any girl being picky. I only date women who are picky/selective on who they date. Aka girls who aren't easy.

      Being ridiculously unrealistic is something different. Like OK.. that 6 over there thinks she's worth Channing Tatum. Ha

      She has every right in the book to have a sex life.

      Just as we have every right to reject a girl who's had multiple sexual encounters.

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    • sure,it happens to more guys-the thing is-it happens to everyone who asks out a person that has choices. hot girls get asked out more-and make more choices. hot guys get approached more-more choices. if it happened to flip and the majority of approaching was done by girls-they'd be the ones getting hurt. what is already happening is that more girls are approaching-it needs to be equal. if you like someone,ask them out-which means,stop whining,and ask. I tell the girls the same.

    • I completely agree. And I'm glad that you acknowledge that more guys ask out girls, thus more guys get hurt (At least in that part of courtship). More girls are approaching, probably more so than ever. I'm a little disappointed I live in the transitional era of old and new. When it comes to race as well as dating, as both issues are becoming less of an issue as time goes on. And obviously girls are less restricted sexually than before as well.

  • Lol everyone has a past. I doubt how many people you've banged or blew has any relevance, or at least shouldn't in a current relationship. It's not like her mouth is permanently stained with d*** juice.

    • No not everyone, just certain kinds of girls. He mouth can be permanently stained with herpes though

    • Well you left that part out. I would assume a guy wouldn't be with a woman like that in the first place, unless they can overlook that.

  • If your standards are that high, don't even bother dating her at all.

  • id think ud want a girlfriend to enjoy giving head. you're rediculous.

    • Of course I do. I'd want her to like giving her BOYFRIEND head.

      Not a girl who sucked off enough guys to make a football team.

  • do you touch your kids with the hand you use to jerk off with alone every night?

  • Who is this girl? Your sister? Just out of curiosity.


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  • How many girls have you ate then kissed your kids?

  • guess it depends. did she blow 10 guys last night? or 10 years ago? Is she like 34 and she only gave oral to her 10 BFs in the past or is she 19 and just likes blowing guys?

  • Assuming she practices basic hygiene, I don't see the issue.

    Maybe you're different, I don't know. Maybe you never rinse your mouth after sucking cock. But girls do.

  • What, did she just blow 10 guys out in the driveway before walking inside and kissing your kids or something?

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