What are this guy's intentions?

So here's the thing this guy I met in college who I wasn't really even friends with but we were in the same group for a project. He messaged me on fb a year after we didn't talk on my birthday just saying random wishes. Anyway, I didn't reply then. Then the following year he "wrong texted me" but wanted to text someone else. Then another year passes he invites me to something I saw I'm busy. Now having graduated and no boyfriend ever I get desperate and say yes to another party he was having, and he didn't send me the details after I asked for them. Then a month later he was having a party/bbq couldn't make it because my friend's car broke down. Anyway told him lets go out for drinks some other time because I felt bad. Anyway our schedule's finally aligned and I saw him yesterday over coffee after 4 years! I don't know what his intention are I have really never dated. He's 7 years older than me like 30/31 and I'm 23. He thought I was a bit older for some reason though. He use to be a personal trainer so he had diet info I asked him stuff and I started talking about yeah I need to know this for weight loss, and we were sitting then and when I got up he goes it doesn't look like you need it though your fine or something like that...was the flirting/or general comment? Anyway, we hungout for about 45 min and then my friend called saying she was close by and he goes "oh you have to leave too" and yeah he walked me to my friend hugged me and told me to stay in contact. I don't really understand what that was, he didn't even pay for my coffee either and bought it before he saw me in the coffee shop lol


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  • Yeah his texting and contacting habits were weird over the years. A part of me would like to say he likes you but then sometimes it seems like friendly flirting. I think if it was a date.he should had at least payed for your coffee.Also do you plan on seeing him again? And do you think you like him?

    • No I don't like him and if he texts me maybe I'll see him.

    • Well that is cool that you don't like him.I think he will text you again wanting to hang out.

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