Any ideas to at least get even?

Pay back,,, pls!!! ideas for this s*cker

is a guy I like, and we have been seeing each other for three months... we have sex, that's what we do every time; and I wanted dates but he told me that it was very difficult for him to date and he never did, and said that he doesn't think of girls as just casual sex . I believed him cause he is reallyyyyy nice, and good person. (how stupid can I be?)

Anyways today I said to him we could go to a bar after classes, he said "but you know we will be till very late" , come on, that must be the lamest excuse ever. And I started to think that he just wnts me for sex.

Any ideas to at least get even? I thought about saying the same thing the next time he texts.


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  • Tease em but don't let him get too far

    • thanks for your answer!

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  • How about this for an idea? How about you just dump him like a sane person, and find somebody who isn't just using you? Don't be stupid. Don't be crazy. Just leave.

    • i see your point, I will leave him of course. I wasn't looking for a revenge exactly, nothing crazy! just to show him I'm not stupid.

      Thanks for your answer!

    • it was difficult for me to see the truth, but I can't deny it now; it's hard to admit he was using me , at least I know now

    • It's never easy.

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