She is not going back on the dating site? good or bad?

i am dating a girl for 2 months.

lately she has barely gone back to the dating site where me met.

there has been no activity on her end

yes I admit I am checking up..but who doesn't?

she also leads a busy schedule and the last person she has been actively dating is me...



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  • This is a good sign. She might not feel the need to go back to the dating site because she is getting what she needs from you.

    But the best indicator is how she is around you? Does she seem to want to hang out with you and go on dates? Does she flirt with you?

    Keep getting to know her and go on dates. Once you get a good feel for how she feels, talk to her about the next step. Do you want to make her your gf?

    You should also talk about the site and whether you two will keep your profiles up.

    • she flirts heavy around me and likes to go out with me she admitted.

      we are still casual

      i want to make her my gf

      on a side note..we have not kissed yet

    • This all sounds good then! Keep doing what you are doing. Try to see her more often. Get to know her better, find out what she is looking for off that site. Plan some more romantic dates with her. If she is showing signs that she is interested in more with you, than you need to make a move.

      Let her know you really like her. Try to kiss her, if she seems receptive, go for it! :)

      Good luck!

  • She might be seeing someone else.


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