Said yes to "Hang out" but never gave a "date/time"

Ok so me and this girl have been talking for awhile, mainly she would come over and help me do things to my car late at night, and we would stay up til about 3am and talk then we'd leave.

This went on for a about a month now, but texting her is always... delayed/closed ended. Never the less when I ask if she wants to help me with my car she's there that night or the next night.

So growing sick of finding oily things to do to my car I have her come over for a simple wire route. Next we begin to talk for several hours but before she leaves this time I ask her

"Hey, do you want to go get ice cream or something some time? If you have a free moment I mean how does your schedule look? Maybe you can squeeze me in to hang out?"

She happily replies

"Yes! Id love to but *takes out her phone and looks at a booked calender* ugh Its gonna be after Sunday I think. But I will text you after Sunday my schedule and well find a day to hang like totally"

Its almost been a week now and she hasn't sent me a word - Should I text her and be like "Yo hows your schedule looking?" Or just wait? I know she seems shy to me at times...

But do you think she was rudely telling me "f*** off f**" or is just too shy to text? What should I do? I Haven't sent her a message since we last hung out. But if she was blowing me off (no pun intended) why is she all over me flirting and such/ coming at my beckon call to work on a car? that's where I'm so confused

Right now I'm debating sending her a inside joke text or something just to see what happens and never mention hanging out..


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  • Text her! Maybe she really is to shy to fix the date without further motivation from you. I'd be.

    (She came over to help you out all the time, she clearly likes you!)


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