17 College Student Dating a 21 year old.

I'm currently 17--18 in August--and I'm in the early stages of dating a 21 y/o guy who's going to be a senior in college next year. I got an early start in college doing dual-credit so I'm going to be a junior in college in Fall 2009.

My mom hasn't mentioned any concerns. It's not like I date that much anyway... I'm usually really very busy. He's full Pakistani and my mom, being somewhat old-school Korean is a bit uneasy about that. But I think she'll get over it considering that he's near anti-Pakistani culture.

But this question is directed to the outside world that would, in a sense, pass judgment...

Is it socially acceptable for a technically teenager (no matter how mature for their age they are) to date someone 21?

There is approximately a 3.5 year age difference. Later on in life, this wouldn't be an age gap to contest to. But considering my age, is this 'odd'?


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  • Call me a pedophile but I think that as soon as people start getting interested in sex, they by all rights ought to have a partner. The law is in place in prosecute cases of abuse, but just because the law says X that does not make it in any way meaningful for a 16, 14, even 13 year old to enter into a relationship.

    So yeah, I am keen on younger-older hookups. It's kind of sexy -- the more different two people are, the hotter the passion may burn.

    • Haha. Thanks for the input though. I'm not really interested in having sex with him. That sort of 'content' doesn't even cross my mind. If the relationship gets there it gets there. But call me old school because I'm waiting till marriage. :P

  • First under 18 in most states for a guy 21 is not legal as far as a physical one-period. As for the difference my guess is you are mature for your age and probably as much as he is. Your cultures are different but that does not mean you two cannot truly enjoy each other.

    Let me stop here and suggest that your education always take president over relationships-since no matter how much we might want ours to last forever-they very often do not. But it is OK! As not all relationships are about forever-though they can be.

    Set and keep your boundaries.

    Do not concern yourself with what others think. But always accept counsel from your elders-you will do what you want-but hear what they have to say-Also you can mostly predict his future by his recent past unless he has experienc3ed a life changing event.

    Have fun and your mom may not have any concerns because she knows that you are wise and will do what is in your best interst always-hopefully! LOL

    • It's not going to be a sexual relationship so legally, I don't think we have a problem. But thank you very much for your response! I really appreciae that you take a more "my best interests" approach. School & Family first of course!

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  • It's normal