Attention plz! I have a dating with my bf, how about my dress up? do you think it is fashionable?

i have a dating with my bf,how about my dress up?do you think it is fashionable?give me opinion,tks my dear friends.

dress: link

shoes: link

jewelry: link

HOW about ? would you like it?


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  • Not too much of a fan of the outfit. Seems too dressy and like you're going to homecoming. Maybe get something a little more simple in color/texture and fitting. And a nude shoe without it being all bidazzled out. But, hey if you like, go for it, whatever your taste desires.


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  • not a fan of it.. it's over the top imo. I prefer simple but classy :)

  • What kind of date is this? For just a normal date it's probably to dressy, for something more formal like theatre or a fancy restaurant it is not classy enough. But after all it's your decision and your boyfriend probably likes everything you wear or don't wear. :)