She likes me but doesn't really text me much?

Theres a girl I met at her work and she sparked some interest :) We had good conversation as she helped me out that day. Well a few weeks later I had a good reason to go there and when I arrived another employee was helping me. She saw me and right away her face lit up and she said "Hey! what's up!" and came over to me to help me despite the fact I was already being helped. Here's the signs she gave.

As we talked her eyes were like locked on mine even during a couple pauses

She was really smiley

She was really fidgety with her hands and she was like twisting her leg around when I was talking

She'd face straight at me and had this kinda hunched lean toward me while she did that.

And she talked kinda soft and high.

She was blushing a bit

When I met her I could tell she was kind of the quiet reserved type. Shy

We ended up in a room alone after I was helped and I asked her out for some coffee. She kinda got nervous and hesitant but I got her number and we set it up for Saturday morning. The only thing though is she takes a while to respond to texts when I send one (she told me that's the best way to get a hold of her otherwise I'd call) . She's apologized about it and I didn't have to mention anything. And she always seems happy in her texts haven't got a single one without a " :) " or " >.< " whatever that one is. I am a busy man though too so I don't text a lot and sometimes it takes a bit for me to respond too. So why doesn't she really initiate anything or text much? How much should I try to converse with her by phone?

" >.< " this one she used when apologizing that she took so long to reply


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  • >.< means annoyed, so it's a good thing actually;D she was sorry and annoyed that she didn't reply sooner.

  • Sometimes, even if a guy is clearly expressing interest, if a girl is shy (like I used to be) she will still doubt it. So even though you asked for her number and are initiating texts, there's likely still a part of her that is unsure if you're truly interested in her or not.

    While it's annoying that she doesn't initiate anything or text that often, everything else points toward her interest in you, so I wouldn't worry about it.

    • So even if it takes a day or 2 to hear back from her?

    • If it takes longer than a day, she might not be interested.

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