Please help decipher this text -was he trying to tell me he didn't want to see me tonight or that wants massa

this guy I'm seeing told me the other night that he could go for a nice massage. I told him that sounded nice. Today he texted me and said that he knows after he mows this big yard today he will be wiped out.

So is he saying he is too wiped out to do anything or is hinting for a massage?

and how to reply?


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  • Too wiped out to do anything, sorry.


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  • If the guy wants a massage, then he needs to ask for one (not hint at it). I would send a text saying "have a nice evening relaxing" and leave it at that. Let him come to you. Good, self-respecting women do not chase after men.

    • ha ha I agree with you- I sent him a text saying to drink a lot of water and take it easy

    • yeah, I was thinking of water too. LOL