Explain why is he getting jealous?

I have a really good friend, and recently he moved to a bigger city for college about 2 1/2 hours away from here. We Haven't really spoke much since he left, but started talking the last day now. Him and I do have a past, I lost my Vcard to him back in April, and we stopped talking, about 2 months ago, we started talking at that time, and then, I had a boyfriend. While I was dating my ex, this guy wouldn't hang out with me while I was dating someone, and would always flirt with me. Soonly after my boyfriend and I split up, he stopped flirting, and we started being FWBS. I started growing feelings for him, and so I decided to distance myself from him for that reason. Since this guy moved, I hooked up with someone, he asked about it and I told him I did. Does he have any right to be jealous? He says he likes me, but not enough to date me, but I really don't understand why he would get jealous over this? Any explanations please? Thank you so much!


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  • He has all the right in the world to be jealous, but he has no right at all to be mad at you. He doesn't want to commit then you can do whatever you want. He's just probably being selfish. He doesn't want to lose his FWB, he likes the idea of having you in exclusivity but doesn't want to be exclusive with you. Douche.


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