Would you ever date your former boss?

Over the summer, I had an internship in a law firm and now that I'm in my last week, one of the junior partners I worked for asked me out.

Not sure what to think of it. For once he's about 10 years older than me and then obviously I've always seen him as my boss not ass potential boyfriend


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  • If you're definitely not going to be working there and if you like him, you should go for it.

    I personally wouldn't date my current boss or a current co-worker or a potential boss or a potential co-worker. A former boss or a former co-worker would be fine.


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  • I would not be comfortable dating my boss. It just wouldn't feel right because I would be afraid of making some kind of mistake that could hurt my future in the job department.


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  • he just wants a good lay, not necessarily be your BF.

    • you don't know enough to judge that

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    • idk, you still don't have enough information to make such a judgment.

    • try him out and prove me wrong