Seem to have annoyed the girl I like, need advice on how to deal with this?

Been talking to this girl over text and online for quite a bit, been flirting, etc and phoned a few times. But I need help understanding what to do..

Last week I sent a text, got no response, then I asked her if anything was up. She replied:

"I'm so sorry.. I don't want you to think you need to be sorry. I'm sorry if I've been grumpy I'm just snowed under with exams and stuff and been working so much, I don't have time for anything. I don't want you to think you've done anything wrong at all! By Sunday I'll be all done and free to speak to you.. I'm sorry xxxxx"

So I left it until the Monday/

Me - Hope your exams went good, you're the cleverest girl I know

Girl - Thanks babe

Me - No problem. Police are looking for troublemakers.. What sort of trouble you been up to?

(day later)

Me - Take it you're still busy. Won't bother you any more. You know where I am if you want to talk

Girl - Mood swing again? [info - I was a bit grumpy the other week due to stress of work, etc]

(2 days later - (I was busy)

Me - No mood swing, just wanting to talk to you. You seemed busy so was respecting that

Girl - Respecting it? Is that what you call it?

I responded saying "yeah, I thought you were busy so backed off to let you get on with whatever it was. Something up?"

I didn't get a reply to that, but it seems like I might have annoyed her when I sent "won't bother you any more" text.

She's been away at a festival today and will be the whole weekend, so I plan to text on Monday and say that "can we agree that the week before was a mis-understanding?" then tell her that I want to get to know her if she wants me to, rather than fighting over silly mis-understandings.. then push for phone calls instead.

Do you think I should send something like that? Been a little stressed lately, seems to be showing.

(She seems to prefer texting me, but I want to talk with my voice)


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  • Ok here is my opinion. I am a straight shooter, if I like someone I will tell them... I have no shame lol. But from the looks of this (I don't know all the details) she just doesn't seem interested. If I had a guy that I liked messaging me (even during finals) I would message or text him back. Play hard to get, get her a little jealous. Go out with a friend that is a girl to show her you aren't just going to wait around for her. No girl likes someone who is begging them to hang out with them (not that, that is what you are doing). Let her make the first move for once. Yes girls love when guys text them first but sometimes girls should make a move especially if you have been talking to her for a while. I understand the whole no phone calls thing because I tend to be stubborn about that kind of stuff too. I like texting or actually hanging out with a guy. I find phone calls annoying. Maybe she is the same way? Ask her out to get coffee or drinks (not sure how old you actually are XD). Take her out to dinner. Show her that you want to get to know her. If she still is acting distance I would say give it one more try and then move on. Trust me if a girl likes you enough and you have been talking long enough there is no reason she shouldn't make a move.

    • Thanks for the great reply! She used to initiate, but I've been acting grumpy with other things lately so it seems to be annoying her, I don't intend that. I'm not sure why she would send that super long apology if she wasn't interested, as we haven't met! We've spoken online, bit on the phone and texted. She didn't need to bother writing that apology if I didn't mean anything.

      Someone said I guilt tripped her with my "won't bother you any more text". I'll apologize and just send one text for 1

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    • That's what I feel. We have been talking for a very long while (although I have taken other girls out during this time) I wonder if when I suggest about meeting up and she acts iffy over it, it's best to mention about there's no point talking anymore if we aren't going to meet up? She does put the effort in sometimes, like we do a few question games. I ask her one, she answers and she asks me one. She tends to make the effort when I ask her personal questions, than general conversation

    • I feel like if you guys have been talking for a while that conversation should flow naturally. There shouldn't be many question games. At this point you two should be friends... I feel as if you are working too hard to keep this relationship going.

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