A man from my recent past (4 months ago) reemerged! Help!

So, a man that I had gone on one date with months ago and ended things with me (very respectfully mind you) because I had a some concerns with his job...contacted me last week. We met up...and we had the same chemistry and great conversation as before. He even remembered things from our first date like my outfit, that I habitually use the word "literally," that I gave him a hard time about yawning, etc. Little details...I was surprised.

While on the date he went out of his way to tell me that he would be really busy with work (traveling to three different countries) for the next three weeks...but then would say something about other dates in the future...even saying things like, "I guess we will have to work on you being okay with surprises." We ended up talking for hours.

Here is the question (sorry after all that...lol). Is he interested in me or was he just testing the waters to see what was up? Nothing on the physical side happened on either date...but we have crazy amounts of chemistry...but to me to have limited communication for three weeks makes me question. He is in upper levels intelligence of the military...so I know his job in stressful and demanding. But to me it's confusing to have a great date and then not really have much of anything for three weeks or so.


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  • I can't tell based on what you told us, you were there what does you're gut tell you? Maybe you're gut picked up on some body language and non verbal communication did he seem happy?

    • Yes he did. He teased me a lot andjaws very flirtaeous...but maybe I have to many books info that say if a man is interested he will call/communicate...even just to make sure you are interested...no matter what. Um...and my gut says to trust him...but then I habe moments...like yesterday and today were I haven't heard from him.