What to do if a girl tries to change your amazing date plans that she doesn't know of?

I planned a very romantic date.

We were gonna go to 6 different locations on our date. First 2 places were the most important ones from my date. But this girl just asked me if we could meet at another place. Now I don't have enough time to change the things around.

What to do? I am even thinking about bailing and changing it to the other day


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  • Say, "Cutie, [where she wanted to go] sounds awesome and I would love to go there next weekend, but I've gotta tell you: I was really really looking forward to going to XXX and already had things planned out and reserved. Again I would love to take you [where she wanted to go] even the night after, but if it's OK with you, would it be OK if we keep to the original plan for this date?"

    *high five* for being an awesome boyfriend/date :)


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