Can opposites attract?

I met this guy, and we've been dating for a little over a month and its going good. I know that he had tried online dating, so I looked up his profile on okcupid. It has all those all those questions people answer, and everything he said he wanted is like the exact opposite of me. He said on there that he wouldn't date someone who is messy, or really quiet. He is a republican, and he said that he wanted to date someone who liked sports, and was sexually experienced. I'm quiet, messy, a democrat, not sexually experienced, I don't like sports. Do you think opposites can attract?


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  • People with opposite personalities can attract each other, and it's common for dominant people to attract submissive people and vice versa.

    But people who have opposing goals and values rarely do well together. Those are strong indications that there those people aren't going to be compatible for a relationship. In those areas, it's very important that you have similar, or at the very least compatible, ideas, values, and goals.

  • Yes, it's very possible for opposites to attract! They may find each other very attractive. Also, they may find the different qualities that the opposite one possesses a challenge to them and even a turn-on. However, in the long run it will boil down to too many differences between you and then the friction will start and keep building up until you just won't be able to get along. So what you have going now is OK for going out, dating and having fun. But that will wear off once you both get down to the core ingredients that make two people compatible. It's not worth letting it go that far. But there are always exceptions. Many girls are messy and not sexually experienced not really like sports much. Being quiet is an asset that most guys are attracted to and you could learn to like certain sports once you understand how the game goes. As far as being messy just let him learn to pick up after you because he might enjoy doing that. So there you go! So yes, opposites often do attract but that doesn't necessarily mean for life. People are always in constant change so two people can certainly change the things that they differ from each other that are of most importance to them... but that doesn't happen as often as it doesn't. Follow you heart and gut feelings. Good luck!


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