Is he trying to play me?

This guy I used to see texted me a month ago, when I haven't talked to him in over a year, due to his friends and social group slutshamming me. What really had happened was I really had an interest in him, but we didn't have much of a mental connection which got to me. His friends saw it differently, and fueled him that I used him and was playing with him.

What doesn't make much sense is, he didn't care about me or anything, until out of the air, I receive a text from him reading rougly of; You are a great girl, and I wish things didn't end the way they did, I really wish I could have a re-do.

When I responded I was hesitant and a little dubious of course, and then when I gave him a chance, this kid then just ignores me!

Like I sit next to him in a class, and he will talk above me to people I sit near... Like he doesn't text me or try to talk to me. I sent him a text a couple weeks back, and got no response.

I'm just wondering what he's trying to pull here?


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  • Maybe he was just expressing himself sincerely but in private (text). Maybe he's still insecure or self-conscious of what his friends think, so he puts up that front around you and just wanted to get that one text off to express his feelings before going back to ignoring you.

    • No, he's a person who would make an effort to show me his feelings he he wanted. He isn't do that so, I don't think he has them then.

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    • Because what you said was what I already said in the question.

    • That he may be self-conscious of his friends or be putting up a front? I didn't read that. Plus, this is all high school kids? It's very possible he is putting up a facade or you're misinterpreting things/taking it too much at face value. HS kids hide a lot of things.

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  • He probably thinks your out of his league and you bruised his ego because he thought he were playing him. This is his idea of payback he's immature not worth anyone's time.

  • If that's you.


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    • Heres the thing. Most people choose relationship partners based off of one thing. (what they think they can get or deserve)

      In my experience the hotter the girl the less personality. So of course most men are going to try and get into relationships with women with a balance of both. Which means that's one reason why you are seeing average girls with better personalities. The other reason is most guys don't approach women they think are out of their league. So they never get them.

    • This doesn't mean they don't want more attractive girls with average personalities.

      Sometimes women that are really hot the men will try their damnedest to make the relationship work, hoping that she comes around to stop being a bitch.

      To "play" a woman the man is ultimately responsible for "using" the woman in the sense that he had not intention (from the beginning) of making a relationship out of it.

      With hot women its NEVER the case its just he can't take her attitude anymore.

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