Why would a guy stay over just to cuddle?

So me and this guy have been talking all summer and after he saw me dancing with another boy we decided we shouldn't talk anymore but we've been on and off ever since then. He'll spend the night with me (just to cuddle because I refuse to have sex with him if we're so up and down), kiss me bye even if it's in front of our roommates, and then text me constantly the next day. Then randomly he'll tell me he's not sure he'll ever want to be anything because of stuff that's happened over the summer but then the cycle will just repeat. Why would he kiss me bye and text me constantly if he doesn't like me like that? And if I'm not putting out, why would he want to stay over? Just doesn't make sense to me. Is he really be fine just coming over to talk and cuddle?


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  • When I was younger I was fine with just talking and cuddling and of course shirtless make-outs! For a while, I never went further then that though, but a girl in particular strongly hinted for something more and honestly if she just grabbed me I'd probably have gone all the way with her, what guy wouldn't. But she didn't and slowly I lost attraction to her.

    Wow, that story was pointless but I'll leave it because it might help?

    Haha, anyways I'm not sure exactly where he is sexually experience wise but if he's like me he's probably just taking it slow and enjoying that he's gotten that far. In other words, he's satisfied he's gotten this far, give him a while and he'll take the next step in time.


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  • Believe it or not, guys do like emotional bonding. It seems like you're enjoying all the attention he's giving you anyway so I don't see why the questions are arising from this.

  • How did people get so delusional about the motives of the opposite sex? Yes, it is likely he is just coming over for that purpose.


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