What do women think of guys who are too good to be on POF?

What do women think of guys who are too good to be on POF?...

What do guys.. think of women who are too good to be on POF?


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  • What do guys think of women who are "too good" to be on POF? Well first off define "too good."

    I have no idea who this person is and all I have is a profile which is probably an inflated version of who the girl is anyway. When people talk about a girl being "too good" chances are she just has a good body. So what if she does? I have heard that I am good looking from complete strangers who are shocked that I am single. There could be a million reasons why I am single. That's up to me to decide. Even before working on my physique I had girls telling me I was too good to be true, yet I kept on ending up single without an explanation. The same issue can be happening to girls on POF too.

    Two girls can be just fine as people but have two totally different lifestyles. I keep seeing profiles of girls wanting to travel. I hate traveling. That doesn't make her a bad person nor does it make me a bad person. She wants to hop from place to place and I like settling. Compatibility is important. Someone who likes traveling would be great for her and they can travel the world together while someone like me would be dreading each trip.

    The whole "too good" thing to me is silly. People forget that they have to actually be a match for their partner. Two people can be great people and just not be a match for each other.


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  • I had no idea. What POF even stood for so I googled my answer. Plenty Of Fish ; is a dating site for singles. Ah, know I know...lol

    • now I know...

    • So what's your answer?

    • Alright davdus, I read your answer below. So a guy who doesn't have a car, possibly homeless, jobless, and has no future direction. Would not want to be on POF until he gets everything in place. We all have to start from somewhere. I might giving a guy a chance. While he's getting his act together. Though the guy who does have his act together. Will be on POF could get a chance also. Doesn't really matter to me. Either way. I'm not materialistic.

  • I don't think about them. =I

    Wha..? Too good? What does that even mean!? =/

    Any clarification?

    • It means he's great looking, has a job (makes enough money and or a lot), has a ride (car), just basically has his life set, just can't seem to find the time or get the confidence to ask a girl out, so he resorts to going online to look for love

    • I don't think people who look for love online are somehow "inferior" to those "prestigious" ones hitting on new girls they meet in real life. You go online, meet, go on dates, and socialise the same way in the end. I can't possibly grasp the concept of "being too good for a dating site". That's like being too good for a cellphone and choosing to send letters instead. Both work, but the cell is faster, more efficient and you can reach more people.

  • The only reason he would be too good for POF is if he has a girlfriend.


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  • If they are too good to be subjected to such a state then ... what of it? I don't quite understand.