I think I like her but is it too late?

I was at uni all year, got really close with this girl after Christmas that I lived with, everyone was always asking me what's going on between us, even some of her friends approached me about it and that I should really do something etc but we never actually said anything to each other. The problem is that I lost a parent when I was a young teenager and its been really difficult for me to open up or show any kind of emotion since so its always made me feel very awkward, even the thought of opening up to her, I haven't even hugged my grandma since the incident, I just don't know what to do, Its awkward just writing this let alone doing something about it.

We moved out about 4 months ago, I decided it would be best if I just cut communication, less painful, I didn't have to deal with the emotions but about a week after I left she text me saying she was missing me, I replied but kept it brief, we've exchanged a couple of texts since but its been pretty quiet but I still think about her everyday, however hard that is for me to say. I don't know what to do, she may not even like me, I just wish someone could decide for me and tell me what to do


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  • Ok we'll you could try talking to her and explaining how you feel and what happened she may be feeling that you don't like her. I think you should tell her. But that's just my personal opinion. Hope it helps :)


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  • I'm a little confused. You guys lived together for a while? As roommates, or in a relationship?

    • roommates, with a few other guys and girls, I just didn't know section to put it in ?

    • You need to leave your emotions at home. Don't bring up your problems, feeling or past to women. It kills their romantic interest level in you. Right now, you need to call this girl on the phone, and see if she'll agree to meet you for coffee to talk. Kind of like catching up. That way, you can see for yourself in person if she touches you..give you that look, and is laughing and smiling. One step at a time.

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