Are they serious or just being nice?

I was told to date that's exactly what I am doing. I am kinda seeing two guys. (not that I wanted to) Been out with ea. 5/6 dates.

I am moving next month, they both offered to help. Painting, anything handy since they seem to know about fixing stuff in the house.

Neither have giving me the exclusive talk and I learned that I should wait for the guy to suggest the talk. We only see ea. like once a week.

So are they just being nice...with such offer, I would think they are more serious about me yet no exclusive talk. I should not feel confused but I am.

Oh, one of them I have't hang out on weekends (all weekday dates). The other one has become a bit distance.

I do know they both like me and I like them as well and hope I can just be with one, I don't like to date two guys.

The one who seem a bit distant we had become intimate but not every meeting. The other, he wants to be more physical (we have made out)..again, I wish to just be with one. Am not into these relationship stuff.


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  • Offering to help move strikes me as more than just being nice. Since you haven't had the talk, there is no reason not to see both but it makes sense that you would prefer not to. If you take each up on offers to help (on different days of course), you might learn a lot about each. People tend to reveal a lot of themselves under stressful situations. It's not clear that you have any preference between them except that you want it only to be one. If you have a preference, then you might want to push things along some with that guy. Otherwise, I don't know how you can resolve the two different date problem.


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