Wronged or even? is my boyfriend a hypocrite?

My boyfriend & I have been together for 3yrs. He never really paid much attention to me.Resents me for some mistakes purposefully does things to get me back so I know "how it feels" etcI love him obviouslyeven though its a less then satisfying relationship.6 mo. ago I was going through a tuff time with a friend that I was secretly in love with for 6yrs was murdered. I didn't feel loved or supported by my boyfriend & the people I worked with had decided to make my work a living hell.I created a video in memory of my friend & in the process his dad caught me in the right moment played me for a fool &a decision to leave my boyfriend especially after seeing that he had been secretly texting another female. at one point through out the day & this is a man that isn't a "texter" hadn't texted me in 3 mo. yet could text this female all day long.when I confronted him I found that he had changed her name in his phone from a female name to a male name & tried calling my bluff when I went to call her to see what was going on between the two. We broke up &he moved out.I went to visit my friends dad one thing leading to another and we ended up sleeping together.In return I regretted my mistake in every way and 2 days later had asked for my boyfriend to move back in &give us another shot. he then had told me that this girl he was texting was just to chit chat about tennis. He had an op to tell me about her as Iremember.after telling her he no longer wanted to text one another all of a sudden she wouldn't look at him when he was delivering to the place she worked & claimed she didn't know we were together allthough I had told her several times,showed her pictures of him &he has a very unique name.u see I grew up&use to work with this girl but had recently lost contact with her in our busy lives. I didn't mind him having female friends but the entire situation was shady so,not proud of it, I opened up a textaccount online & posed as one of his ex lovers. It didn't take me long at all to get him to meet "her"to have sex he would text "im not leaving her why can't we just have fun we don't need a motel just need to be smart about it" even after confronting him with the fact that it was me he continues to lie to my face about his intentions &whether or not he has wronged me in any way telling me "you created that situation it would have never happened if you hadnt" I'm not saying I was in the right but he didn't know it was me at the time & he was so eager to go sleep with "her" & come home to me like it was nothing.needless to say I learned to let it go a bit trying not to think about the pain I caused myself.fast forward to yesterdayhe had gotten onto my Facebook & found messages from then between me & a friend he found out I had slept w/another guy. he is so upset isn't talking to me. I know his pain but we were broken up then&its hard for me to have much sympathy as its none of his business what I did while we werent together. he was going to or possibly has cheated.how can I fix this or should I even try to?


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  • I would say forget about him but that's just me. what he said about you creating the situation was what most guys who cheat say, in my experience anyway (that its your fault). so I'm sure he probably did cheat on you. and you definitely don't deserve that. I do agree to an extent that its none of his business that you slept with another guy while you were broken up. so in my opinion, no don't try even if he does try to get back with you ignore him