So hey I wanna know if you guys got this text from an ex girl what would you think?

I wanna thank you for the breakup. I totally agree with it your the one guy that really got me thinking, as hard as it was I now realize it was for the best. I wanna tell you I'm sorry for having been so insensitive to your needs and insecurities. I hope you will accept my apology.

So with all that in said would you eventually talk to your ex or would you think it was a trick and not trust her. Girls you can answer to


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  • If I were in a situation where I was a single and had broken up with someone, I would think-

    "Heh, she's shown class in the end. Her next one will definitely be better."

    I wouldn't suspect a trick. However, I wouldn't go back and talk to her either. I would take it for what it means, and accept the finality of it.

    • edit* I would text back to accept the apology and formalize the breakup.

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  • trick

    • why do you think its a trick

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    • It's because chicks are usually not straight toward that makes it suspicious lol.

    • Hey well great news he texted back and we both agreed were not ready for a relationship, but we are going to see each other I'm excited. I told the truth and it worked. Being honest actually works, lol

  • Wouldn't care if it was a trick or not. I would have seen SMS from Ex and deleted it without reading it.


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