Has he been talking to his ex the whole time

My boyfriend and I had recently been feuding a lot. I told him I needed more compromise out of him and a few more things. He proceeded to tell me this was it and take it or leave it. I think he was saying it out ofanger but I told him if this was it, and I couldn't get more effort out of him I would have to leave it. The next day he went on a date with his ex. My feelings were so hurt. We live together so I could tell by his preparation to leave he was going with another woman. When it was confirmed my heart was crushed. He still talks to her as well as a couple of other women. He always says the fastest way to get over one is to get under another. I just don't understand how he could do this so fast start the break up. It's only been two weeks. I'm really hurt because part of my request was for more quality time and dates but he couldn't make it happen for me, but she can make one call (out of the blue, he claims he hadn't talked to her in over a year) should I be upset that he is talking to other women so fast?


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  • I have one question for you. Is it going to do YOU any good to be upset about this? No it isn't. The longer you stew about it, the more it'll hurt you. I would be hurt to, but as a single man he has the right to date whomever he chooses. You weren't getting what you needed, he wasn't the right man for you.