Do girls get annoyed when a guy stops talking to them cause they have a boyfriend?

is this girl I meet last summer but she found a boyfriend during the winter and I haven't talked to her this year at all , I saw her at bar a couple times and she seemed annoyed at me , do you think she would be upset that I haven't talked to her since she started dating new guy or do girls not care about guys they sort of knew once there in a relationship ? is it rude of me to not even say hi to her ? I admit I was upset when I found out she wasn't single as I would of otherwise tried to date her


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  • Yes I got a little annoyed when my guy friends stopped talking to me when I got a boyfriend. I understood of course and didn't say or do anything about it obviously, but it was slightly annoying to have a whole bunch of friends just suddenly disappear.


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  • Yes I would be annoyed if a guy friend stopped talking to me because I was in a relationship. It's good you're respecting their relationship but that doesn't mean you can't talk to her or hang out. It gets inappropriate when you flirt, make moves and such. But saying hi and chatting shouldn't be an issue, if it is your friend's boyfriend would be too jealous.


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