Why did he randomly text me? if he doesn't want me


2 nights ago at 2am he randomly texts me

Him: Night

Me: Really

Next day

Me: why are you still playing head games?

Him: Huh

Me: oh your phone texted me itself then

Him: yes

Me: you know what I mean... Maybe you should get a game boy

Him: ok

Me: What do you want

Him: guess

Me: to be my bf

Him: lol no

Me: [Massive insult so he stops contacting me for good]

Him: LOL

Me: [Insult continued]

Him: Ok

Me: [ continued insult]

Me: [Sends that final extremely long emotional text, for him to leave me alone basically to stop going out of his way to hurt me.]

Why is he so fixed on hurting me no reason now Pretty much want to know why guys do this is it like a control thing or do you think that he actually wants to be with me but wants to play kid games first?


Other details

For my job I'm a cam girl.

I dated this guy for a month. He broke up with me because he said I was playing "games". I tried to get back with him for about 6 months. Then I gave up I deleted him off my Skype to avoid temptation to talk to him. He blocked me everywhere else. About a month or less after I deleted him, I noticed he kept coming in my chat room. I asked him for about 2months why he kept coming in. Finally he said because "he likes seeing me naked". I'm hardly ever naked though in the chat room though. We talked after that spotted for about 2 and a half months. He randomly starts ignoring me. When I did what he said to I'm pretty sure he wasn't watching.

But during that 2 months he said he "doesn't like sharing me." then "That I don't care about us." and how "when I apologize for things I never mean it." Not far after he said I was creepy just because I wanted to see him so I don't know I was already not in a good mood so I pretty much told him "don't EVER talk to me again and how he is starting to make me realize how I feel basically that he is making me miserable and depressed. I apologized the next day but still sad don't contact me or tempt me to talk to him. He said nothing to both messages.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Long story short, yes he wants you. But not YOU as a person. (I will explain)

    Short story long, you can't expect to Skype naked and NOT have the releationship be a bit more carnal and sensual than it could be communicative and feel appreciated. This guy digs your body, and his penis is telling him to text you for an imagined booty call. He thinks one night you'll just show up and be ready for it. I cannot help but think how stupid that is. Yes, I can see how people in the nude consider it an art, the human body is incrediable, and it is abused to a point that eventually makes it not so incredible. I thought said you were a camgirl. Not a camwhore. (If you are, I should butt out, because if that's how you make money..) Enough about that "I'm hardly ever naked" problem I wanted to address...

    Now about this jerk. I have a little sister who also got late-night texts, from bfs and exs and "friends" who wanted out of the friend zone. They get desparate, tease you. Say something funny and then half-caring. Half-caring would be the response if he asks how are you and you say something other than "fine" or "good" like "my grandma died" "my parents divorced" "I failed one of my classes" or the simple "no" to "are you okay?" Everyone can have sob stories to tell you. They are going through things just as we all are. It's life. There are problems and difficulties that we have to trudge through. Most of these are true. Some will be lies. The biggest truth is, these boys are immature. You deserve better, and maybe you already know this. Try dating someone new and not having to Skype naked or do anything sexual to aid the relationship. It's more like a misguided attempt. You achieve the opposite result. This is how creepers are made. So they will be all like, "sorry 'bout dat" and switch back in gear as though they weren't really listening. Even if they were, in the long run, they may not care.

    Bottom line. BE CAREFUL. This IS the internet. My adive: get a new phone for about $20-$35 and change your number and for God's sake don't give it to him... especially out of pity. You can feel bad- - -that's it. Move on.

    • We never had sex. And I didn't do "cam" shows for him when we were together. I gained about 30lbs since he broke up with me last year so my body is not attractive. Reason I barely get naked on web cam if at all. Most people just like talking to me any way. He also live 1,000 miles away I met him on a dating site before I started camming. & We met in real life he payed for it.

    • Well, regardless of your body. That doesn't make you any less of an individual and you should be treated with respect as such. I don['t know what you look like, I don't need to know. I'm actually very very obese, and I learned to live with it because it's my own pace to lose weight and besides, I like eating! We all have our respective differences and flaws, but we should have a clear understanding of the uniqueness of the individual, and not merely the benefits and appetites to satisfy.

    • I'm just saying I''m still extremely confused in general this whole thing make no sense to me but I think he is going to stop contacting me now I was super mean in my texts/

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