A guy wants to take me out to lunch does but should I text him?

So, a guy from my school asked me out for lunch last weekend. I told him that I already had plans with my friends that weekend, but that we could meet on Tuesday or Thursday, as I'm usually free those days, and he said those days he always eat at this restaurant, so he would like to take me. He told me we will keep in touch.

The thing is that I have no experience in dating. Tomorrow is Tuesday, so I would like to know in advance if we are going to have lunch together or not (I'm extremely organized and I like to plan my days a couple of days before). Should I text him? Or should I make an exception and wait for him to text me?

He invited me, so it made it very clear that he's going to pay.


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  • If he really wants to go out for lunch with you, he'll text you. Don't text him about it because it will make you look bad. He was the one who invited you in the first place so he should be the one to text you about it. If he never texts about it, then he's not the guy for you. I hope he texts you though! Good luck!

    • Thank you! I texted him a hi and then I immediately got his text asking me to meet. (Like, we sent our texts at the same time). However, we are going to meet tomorrow! ^^